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Add or Edit Your Publications Button

The Publications button should open a website with your publications. This tutorial describes the steps for using your bibliography at the Harvard Catalyst, which is automatically updated.

Other options could be a PubMed link (URL) with personalized author search or your NCBI, Publons, ORCID, or Google Scholars profile.

Part I: Getting the direct link (URL) for your bibliography at Harvard Catalyst

  1. Go to your Harvard Catalyst profile using the Search or use your bookmark if you saved it.
  2. Scroll to the section Bibliographic.
  3. Click on the clipboard icon on the right side of the selected publications bar. This direct link opens the publication section of your Harvard Catalyst profile.
  4. direct link (URL)
  5. Go to the location bar of your browser, clear it, paste the link, and press enter for testing. When it reloads your Harvard Catalyst profile with the selected publications bar on the top then the link is correct and you can proceed with Part II.

Other links (URLs) than the Harvard Catalyst you may consider for your publications include personalized PubMed, My NCBI, Publons, Google Scholars, and ORCID. PubMed, for example, includes Online ahead of print papers, which are not included in the Harvard Catalyst listing. But, the configuration of the link (URL) for the selection of your papers and the format requires manual editing of the link (URL) parameters. Note that many older PubMed links on Investigator Profiles are broken because PubMed's link (URL) parameters have changed. If you prefer PubMed you may copy this link (URL)<last name>+<first name>&sort=date and replace <last name> and <first name> with your names (remove < and >). Copy this link to the location bar of your browser and test the link (URL)! If the results are correct then you can proceed with Part II.

Part II: Add or edit the Publications button at your MGRI profile

  1. Follow the guide for editing your profile until you reach the page of the MGH Research Institute Hub for editing the profile.
  2. Go to 'Publications' and click Add or Edit.
  3. MGRI profile in edit mode
  4. Click on Add or Edit to open the link (URL) edit.
  5. edit publications
  6. Paste the direct link (URL) for your bibliography at the Harvard Catalyst.
  7. edit publications link (URL)
  8. For saving or discarding your edits, click Save & Update Profile or Discard Changes & Return.
  9. Go to the top right of the profile edit page and click on View Profile.
  10. Test your Publication button.