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Edit Your Research Narrative; Note the Difference Between ENTER and SHIFT-ENTER!

  1. Follow the guide for editing your profile until you reach the page of the MGH Research Institute Hub for editing the profile.
  2. Goto 'Research Narrative', and click on Edit.
  3. Click inside the editor for placing the cursor and start typing.
  4. Press the SHIFT-ENTER keys to insert a new paragraph. Creating separate paragraphs is very important for using the predefined paragraph styles, which is highly recommended because these styles include well-designed spaces between paragraphs. The best practice for good readability of texts on the web is a paragraph length of 2-4 sentences. News articles and editorials on are great examples of suitable paragraph lengths.
  5. Pressing ENTER inserts a line break, which should be avoided if not explicitly needed.
  6. Format a heading or apply any other paragraph style by placing the cursor inside the target text, then click on the drop-down menu Paragraph, and select the style. If the new style changes a larger section of the text than expected then use SHIFT-ENTER for inserting breaks between paragraphs.
  7. For saving your edits, click Save & Update Profile. Alternatively, you can Discard Changes & Return.
  8. Go to the top right of the profile edit page and click on View Profile.
  9. Review your edits.