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Insert an Image in Your Research Narrative

Including an image in an MGRI profile other than the photo of the investigator requires that the image is available on the internet and has a public link (URL: Uniform Resource Locator). Part I describes the steps for making the image available using DropBox. Part II describes the steps for inserting the image in an MGRI profile using the DropBox link (URL).

Choose an image format that is well supported by browsers. Common formats are jpg, png, and gif. The gif image format allows also animations, e.g., slideshow with a very slow frame rate or short videos.

Image quality on the web is affected by the number of pixels the image has particularly on larger displays with very high resolution. Small images of good quality that are expanded to more than 100% of their size will appear blurred. For MGRI profiles, the image quality is excellent for images with a width of about 1120 pixels or slightly larger for images covering 100% of the width of the research narrative on large displays.

Part I: Upload to DropBox, and generate a public link (URL)

  1. Log in to DropBox.
  2. Open the Public folder. This is important for creating a public link (URL).
  3. dropbox: public folder
  4. Upload the file. It will open a dialog for selecting the file.
  5. dropbox: public folder
  6. Share the uploaded file.
  7. dropbox: public folder
  8. Create the public link (URL) for the uploaded file.
  9. dropbox: public folder
  10. Copy the link to the clipboard.
  11. dropbox: public folder
  12. Open a text editor for modifying the link (URL) of the image.
  13. Paste the link from DropBox into the document for editing.
  14. Modify the link of the image on DropBox: 1) replace the domain name with, and 2) remove ?dl=0 from the end of the link.
    EXAMPLE: applying these two modifications to the original link results in and this link (URL) is used in part II to insert the image in the research narrative of your profile. NOTE: this is an essential step glueing Part I and II together! Tip: the Find-and-replace function of the text editor may be useful if you have several links (URLs).
  15. Save the text document as a backup of the link.
  16. Copy the modified link to the clipboard.
  17. Open a browser, copy the link into the location bar of the browser, and press enter for testing the link. When it opens the image in the browser then the link is correct and you can proceed with Part II.

Part II: Insert the image in your profile

  1. Follow the guide for editing your profile until you reach the page of the MGH Research Institute Hub for editing the profile.
  2. Click on 'Research Narrative' Edit.
  3. Click on Insert drop-down > Insert Image.
  4. visual guide
  5. Enter the Source link (URL) and an Image description. Dimensions are auto-populated and image is scaled to 100% width of the text area.
  6. insert image dialog
  7. For saving or discarding your edits, click Save & Update Profile or Discard Changes & Return.
  8. Go to the top right of the profile edit page and click on View Profile.
  9. Review your edits.